Christmas House Tour Part One

Since I love Christmas and literally have decorations EVERYWHERE.. I'm gong to be doing a few blog posts for my house tour, that way it wont be just one huge post! 'm going to try and do one every day until the tour is done. SO hope you all enjoy!
The Outside:
We have some lovely deer outside decorating our lawn and keeping our house safe. These come from the grandparents storage. So thank you!

This wreath hangs on our front porch railing. This too comes from the grandparents storage.

I got this cute sign that sits in our not so pretty flowerbed. I got this two years ago for $1.00 at a yardsale. Not a bad deal! Got to love those yardsales.

This is how our railing up the porch to the front door is decorated. I got the green garland and beads at the dollar store and the small bows came out of the grandparents storage. I think it looks so cute and makes it more homey and fun!

I found this darling door mat for our front porch last year at K-Mart when it went out of business I believe it was only $5.99. It's so cute and matches our personalities perfectly.

This is our Christmas wreath. I made it last year. I bought the green wreath a few years ago before I was married because I wanted to make a Christmas wreath. I got it a Roberts when they went out of business for $1.99! I got the ornaments at Target in their dollar section last year. The big bow my dad gave me. It used to hang on the lights outside their house. I thought it would work perfectly!

The Tree's:
This year we have four tree's. And each one is a totally different size and has a different theme. It's a lot of fun! James and I even have our "own" tree's. Hope you love them just as much as we do.

This is the first tree. It's the centerpiece on our kitchen table. It was given to James by my mother before we were married. It used to have BYU ornaments on it and it was his BYU tree last year. But this year it is just plan silver and used as a centerpiece. I promise it looks a lot better in person. This picture doesn't do our centerpiece justice.

This is James' new BYU Christmas tree. It is our "main" tree that we used last year which James' parents gave us. It looks super cute! Or I guess I should say it looks super manly. Ha ha! Each year James gets a new BYU Santa ornament. So right now he has a total of three. They are a lot of fun. This tree sits next to our piano and the beginning of our hallway. It fits there perfectly. We had to move our fish tank in order to have it here ha ha. 

This is my tree. It's very girly.. as you can tell. Pink, pink and pink. It is also a Barbie tree. I've always loved Barbies so this is very fitting for me. My mom gives me a new Barbie ornament every Christmas. It's so much fun! James had even gave me a few. I love my tree so much. It sits in the corner of our kitchen by our table. It looks very nice back in it's corner. I got the pink tree at Kohl's three years ago after Christmas for $9.00! The tree skirt also came from there for $2.50 after Christmas. Most of the Barbie ornaments have came from online and few from Hallmark.

This is our main tree. It sits nicely back by one of the windows so everyone can see how beautiful it is! It's so much fun to have our own "big" tree this year. I got it last year at Home Depot for only $25.00 after Christmas. I was so excited to get this. My wonderful dad came with me to purchase it because James was working. I couldn't stand this year waiting patiently to be able to have it up. But I must say, it was well worth the wait! Yippee. 

And that is it for part one of the tour! Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2! It will be the living room!