They Know Us!

First things first, this place is very delicious! This is James and I favorite place to eat. They serve home cooked goodness and for a reasonable price. I love the service and the entire experience. James and I visited this place a few days ago and man I have to say, I can cross something off my bucket list finally! They recognized us! The waitress knew who we were and what we liked to drink. Oh boo ya! I'm finally a regular somewhere ha ha. I've always wanted to be regular. 

Max has been being spoiled lately and he has got a few new habits. One includes going to the post office to visit his buddy and of course get himself a nice big dog bone. He gets so excited every time he gets to go to the post office. He even knows when it is time to go get the mail. He waits patiently by the door. It's a very cute habit. Ha!

I am So excited about this. I finally was able to get my photograph that I took of the Timpanogos Temple framed! It fits beautifully above the piano. Every time I look at it I get so excited! Another big thing is I am selling it! I put it up for sale and immediately had 6 people interested! Makes me so happy! This is one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken.