Our First Real Snow Fall!

We finally had the real snow. You know the kind that sticks ha ha. Max was pretty excited to go out and explore in it. Although he did get pretty cold. Right after I took this picture he jumped up on me for me to pick him up. He wanted me to warm him up. It was pretty darn cold. 

The snow looks absolutely beautiful though! I am totally a snow person. 'm ready for December and more snow falls. It's just one of God's creations that is so wonderful and so stunning! I love being able to see it in the hills and in my backyard. It's awesome.

Our baby fish are growing up! They are turning orange! We could only find 6 when I took this picture but we have recounted and we have about 15 still! It's so exciting to see them all. They are super cute. I like the fact that we get to see them grow up. It's so much fun!