Little Cuties!

Friday afternoon my sister and her family came up for a short but sweet visit! I was so excited that they were coming because I haven't seen them in awhile. We had a blast while they were here also!

One of Chloe's favorite things to play with when she's at my house are these really old bears that I got when I was little. It's so fun to see her play with them. And of course I love to join in on the fun! 

And of course we had to play ping-pong! It was so much fun and very enjoyable to watch.. even though I almost got hit by the ball a few times and we might of lost a few of the balls also but that's okay, I'm sure we will find them rolling around soon.

On Saturday we went into "town" and got some delicious ice cream! Nico ate hers so fast that she got a pretty sweet mustache. It was so cute and she was very proud of it.

On Sunday before they left Chloe found out that one of our fish had, had babies! It was a very lovely surprise. So now we have about 6 baby fish swimming around. It will be so much fun to see them get bigger. I just hope that they survive! Don't worry I'll keep you updated. ha ha.