Welcome Halloween!

I will admit, Halloween is NOT my favorite holiday of the year. I'm not into creepy or scary things at all. But I will do cute Halloween decorations. So when James and I found this way cute rug at Lowe's I was thrilled! The best part it was normally $10.00 and I got it for ONLY $1.50!

The next welcome mat I also got at Lowe's! It perfect because I can use it the whole Fall season! It has also been Max approved. He loves to lay on it. It normally cost $8.00 and I paid $1.25! What a steal. I love it a whole lot. It's very cute and makes our home look all cute and cozy for the Fall season. Can't beat a great deal on some welcome mats!

The last welcome mat I purchased recently is this cute scarecrow one! It's perfect for the Thanksgiving and fall season when I don't have my cute Halloween one out. It wasn't as good of a deal as my other mats but it was still a great deal! I got it for 70% off at $7.99. I really like it and it's a great decoration item to help keep our home clean and cute!

On Halloween we dressed Max up as a gangster pup. And boy did he have the attitude for this costume. We even took him trick or treating. Stop 1: The post office. Stop 2: Andrea & Wileys. Stop 3: Our house to get some bacon! I'm pretty sure he enjoyed Halloween. Spoiled little dog he is!