Utah, Cuddles & Decorations

My car is no longer a Utah car! It's official we are now Idaho residents ha ha. Bitter sweet moment right there. It's so weird to have Idaho plates after having Utah plates for so long. But it's all good.

This little dog here likes to cuddle a lot. Especially on my bed. Which is fine. He's so cuddly and cute. I love him a whole lot bit. He's my best friend here in Idaho. But boy is he spoiled. ha ha. But he is worth every spoiling. He's just so cute.

I've been a busy little bee lately making Halloween decorations! Yesterday I made 5 different banners and a bunch of bats. It's been so fun to decorate for the holidays! All this decorating is getting me excited for my favorite holiday though. Christmas of course! I cannot wait until I get to deck this house out with all that decor! But for now I'll settle for Halloween.