My favorite time of year!

Fall has finally hit home! And Max is loving every minute of it. He loves to walk in the leaves and hear them crunch under his feet and he especially loves to roll around in them. It's adorable. I'm also a big fall lover. I love wearing jackets, seeing all the pretty colors and of course it has an awesome smell! Fall is absolutely wonderful.

Normally when it's chilly outside you don't drink cold drinks but hey I like to do things differently. I finally tried the berry smoothie that they have at Costco. It is pretty dang good. I like the fact that it doesn't have all the seeds from all the berries in it. And the best part it's only $1.50! Such a great deal for a wonderful treat.

Yesterday I went shopping with James' Aunt Andrea  & his other Aunt Joyce. It was a blast. They are so fun to hang out with. While shopping we went to Ross and I found Max this awesome Christmas sweater! The best part.. he LOVES it. I put it on him to make sure it fit and he got all excited and had a wonderful strut. It was darling. I'm now going to find James' and I sweaters to match Max so we can take some awesome family Christmas pictures.