Family Pictures & Awesome News!

Yesterday James and I went and took a few family pictures for our Christmas cards and also so we had some "good looking" updated pictures. It was a really nice day for pictures. The sun was out and the weather wasn't too shabby. I'm pretty lucky that I scored such an awesome hubby who is a good sport about taking lots and lots of pictures with me. He didn't even complain once. And I think that they turned out pretty good! I can't wait to print off a few to frame for our house.

And of course we were getting family pictures so we had to include or child Max. He's also a pretty good sport about taking pictures. I secretly think he likes them. Whenever I pull out my camera he is always there ha ha. He is so freaking cute!

And now for the AWESOME news! My wonderful hubby got a promotion at work! I am so excited for him. I am also incredibly proud of him. He has worked so hard at his job in order to get this promotion. He truly does deserve it.