Goodbyes, Weddings & Grandparents

On Wednesday James and I said goodbye to his brother Brandon who left for a two year LDS mission. He will be serving in the Philippians. I am so excited for him to have this wonderful experience but I'm going to miss him like crazy. He is an awesome brother in law. It was really tough to say goodbye for two years. We all had mixed feelings though that's for sure. 

On Thursday my best friend Sabrina's sister got married in the Salt Lake City, Utah Temple. It was a lovely wedding. I was so excited to see my bestie again! It was also another tough goodbye to have to say. What a total bummer. But the wedding was beautiful and I'm so happy for Sarah and Brady they make a cute couple.

On Friday my mommy and I headed down to Saint George to see my grandma! On the way down we stopped at Maverick to get some frozen yogurt. It's tradition because it's oh so yummy! I got Vanilla Bean and Cookies & Cream and my mom got Cheesecake and Cookies & Cream. 

On Saturday morning it was raining but we were blessed to see this beautiful sight at breakfast! A double rainbow. It was spectacular. 

My Grandma took my mom and I out to dinner. We went to Chili's. It was such yummy food. I enjoyed being able to visit with my grandma. Also I enjoyed being able to rest for a little bit.

After dinner we went and got pedicures. I got gold and my mom and grandma got  a pinkish purple color. It was SO relaxing. I was in need of a pedicure so bad. It feels great to have pretty toes again.

Sunday afternoon my mom and I said goodbye to my grandma and my grandpa. It was a wonderful trip and I was thrilled I got to spend some well needed time with my grandma. I love her a whole lot. I really wish I was able to see her more.

Monday morning my dad and grandpa Lamar took me back home to Idaho. I was so excited that my grandpa was going to come and see where I live. He is so cute. He took us to dinner to our favorite restaurant and we had a nice visit. I love him a lot. 


The Food Post

On Thursday the hubby and I went on a hot date! It had been awhile since we had a me and him date. It was nice to get out for a bit and enjoy each others company even if it was just to go and eat some delicious food. It was a lot of fun. 

On Friday my bestie Sabrina and her husband Andrew came to stay with us for a few nights. I was so excited that they were coming to visit me. It was a ton of fun. The night that they got here we went to Lava Hot Springs and went to the hot baths and also the yummy pizza place. I promise James and I don't always eat pizza ha ha. Sabrina and Andrew really enjoyed the hot baths and the town of Lava.

The next day I showed them around my little town and then to the big city of Pocatello. It was a blast. I even took them to a cute little diner that has home cooked meals. 

Later that night we had a football "party" with a ton  of food and we watch BYU play. Go them they won! The Mr. was very happy needless to say. Sabrina and I eventually ventured to my bedroom to watch something other than football and to have some girl time.

The next day (Sunday) was the day that Sabrina and Andrew were leaving but before that Sabrina and I went out to lunch to have a little us time and catch up. We went to a place in Lava Hot Springs it was pretty good food and our waitress was nice but at the same time kind of annoying because we were the only ones there eating. But overall it was a good time.


Catching up..

Well it sure has been awhile since I last blogged.. 4 weeks to be exact! I have been pretty busy lately with trips, company coming over and being really sick. So bare with me as I update you on what has been happening lately. Don't worry I'll go week by week. 

Week 1
I have been doing A LOT of baking lately due to having an overwhelming amount of zucchini and I keep buying a ton of banana's because I like banana bread ha ha. I even made some pumpkin bars for the first time ever! They apparently tasted very good because they were gone in seconds.

Max lately has been wanting to cuddle with EVERYTHING including this pillow my grandma made me. It's actually adorable. I love having a cuddly pup!

Week 2
Over Labor Day weekend I went camping with my family. It was so much fun! I love being able to spend time with them especially my awesome mommy. She likes to be a dork with me. 

This was Mr. Max first ever camping trip! At first he wasn't so sure about it but once he realized he got to be outside all day long he was very content. He especially loved night time when we got to be cuddled up in a warm blanket cuddling with people or sitting in his own chair. Needless to say he was very dirty after and was in need a new hair do and a bath.

While camping we went geo cashing and came across this beautiful field of sunflowers. It was such an amazing view! Very stunning I must say.

Part of the camping trip was spent in Utah at James parents house because it was Brandon's mission farewell. While there James and Nick made sure to get a picture in their football jerseys. Nick got James old football jersey and number so that was pretty nifty!

As you can tell we all like to be close.. very close! Ain't nothing wrong with that. I love these people they are a lot of fun!

Week 3
I was extremely sick this week. I had a really bad cold and the flu on top of that. UGH. So therefore I stayed in bed or the bathroom a lot.

Week 4
Max got himself a nice looking hair cut! He looks so handsome and he knows it. Every time someone says he looks good he gets all bashful. It's very cute.

I am so excited that fall is finally here! I went nuts decorating this year. Well at least the mantle. It was a lot of fun and I only paid $5.00 for everything! I think it looks super fun and it will work for 3 months I'll just change out a few things. I love decorating for holidays.

This last weekend Brandon came up for a little visit to hang out before he leaves for 2 years. It was a blast! We went to the temple and did some work there. It was so peaceful and magical. We also went to Lava to the hot baths which felt so good! Love that place. We also went to the high school football game. Well that's another story it wasn't really a game! They got their butts whooped the score was 63 to 7. Like I said.. they lost a lot! But that's okay! It was a fun weekend and I'm glad Brandon was able to come up and spend the weekend with us. I'm especially grateful that he was kept safe while traveling home. He got in a rollover accident and he walked away with some scratches. He was definitely being watched over. 

This week
And now we're to this week. You might notice that my blog is getting some changes.. please be patient as it is going through these changes. Not only that.. I will be sharing either a recipe or craft each week. I have added some pages to my blog also to make it more fun and more me! More things will be coming along with the new header, pages and social network buttons. It might take me awhile to get it perfect and how I love it so I apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for following my blog and I hope this new look will be as exciting for you as it is for me!