I'm so excited! My pots have grown so much and they look beautiful. I'm proud of myself. Not bad for my first time making a potted planter. It brightens my entire day every time I see it. I'm proud of my flowers and how much they have grown. I promise they are so much prettier in person.

Cute little 93 year old Ken came by again. Only this time he wasn't dropping off bread. Nope just a giant zucchini. Looks like I will be making some zucchini bread. I will be blogging about it as soon as I make it. My sweet grandmother sent me a recipe to try. I'm so excited! I absolutely love baking, especially new recipes. Hope I don't screw this bread up ha ha.

Did any of you see the "super moon" last night?! It was amazing. So big and beautiful. It was there even in the morning when I woke up. I didn't get the worlds best picture ever but it's decent enough. It for sure does not do it justice though. If you missed it, I am sorry! It was very incredible. I love the moon though, always have and it hold a special place in my heart. (That's a different story for another day.)

Lastly, say hello to Mr. Goat. (Unnamed for now..) He's my new friend. Although him and Max do not get along one bit. But that's okay. I still think he's cute ha ha. He actually let me pet him. As you can tell he climbed up on the fence to see me. It was amazing, and super cute. I was nervous at first to pet him but he totally let me. Yippee. Cross that off my bucket list. And yup, this is one of my many adventures here in Idaho.. petting goats. ha! Oh well, it's exciting to me and that's all that matter. Right?