Washington Trip Part 1:

Sorry I've been MIA for the last few days! James and I went on a short trip to Washington to be apart of my best friends wedding. I will be posting about the trip but in a few posts due to a lot of pictures and I don't want them to be too lengthy. So here is part one. Enjoy!

James and I headed out Thursday night to Washington. It was a ten hour drive! Eek. We only had so many days for this trip due to James work but, we made it work. Like I was saying though, we left Thursday night about 7:00 pm. Right after we grabbed a quick bite to eat at McDonald's. Super healthy right?

We drove all night! Needless to say we were extremely exhausted. We ended up pulling into a rest stop for about an hour and a half to have a quick rest before we continued our journey toward Washington.

Our first stop was to Bellevue, WA where we visited the Seattle Washington Latter-Day Saint Temple. It was so beautiful! I have a lot of love for temples. They are just gorgeous and magical places.

We made sure we took a lot of pictures around the temple and of the Temple. It was both mine and James first time ever visiting this temple. It was a lot of fun. And the grounds were absolutely stunning.

They even had this wonderful place that was a trail where you could walk around in and hide from the rain! They had benches, beautiful flowers and lots of trees and green bushes. It was like a secret garden. I loved it. It was very pretty and smelt delightful.

After the Temple we made a quick stop to visit our friend Mr. Troll who lives under the magical land of the bridge. You can find this guy in Fremont Washington. If you want more details Google "Fremont Troll" it will give you all the details. It's a fun little pit stop to make. Especially if you have kids. I'm sure they would love it. Who doesn't love a troll under a bridge? 

After visiting the Troll we headed to the Seattle Space Needle but we made a quick stop to visit the Key Arena. Which is where the Seattle Sonics used to play. Mr. Hatch was very excited to be able to stop by and see it. Too bad we weren't able to get a tour. Maybe next time?

After that we walked on over to the Space Needle. I went there a few years ago and it was awesome! James had never been there so we decided to fork over the big bucks and go on up. It's pretty nifty they give you a "free" picture which is really included into the cost of your ticket. You stand in front of a green screen they take your picture, give you a ticket and once you're at the top you scan your ticket and you can pick which background you'd like. I let James pick it out. 

The view from the top is incredible! There are so many things you can see. I'm afraid of heights but for some reason this time the Space Needle didn't bother me. I felt proud of myself ha ha!

I forgot to mention, we had my mom and pop meet us at the Space Needle! I'm glad that they were able to come with us. They are so cute. It made it that much more fun.

This is the view from the top.. well the view from one of the sides that is. It is incredible! Such a beautiful sight to see. I felt like I was on top of the city. ha ha!

Of course after visiting the top we stopped by the gift shop where we picked up some postcards and a little souvenir so that we can remember the fantastic time that we had. I'm so glad that we were able to visit it. I think the Mr. loved it and had a ball so it made it that much more wonderful.