Washington Part 3:

On Sunday we headed back into Seattle for a little while. We made a quick stop to visit my wonderful uncle Eric. He's such a sweetheart and knows so much about computers. He made James and I this very delicious breakfast of steak and a "hobo" scramble which is just scrambled eggs and whatever other food you feel would taste good all scrambled together. It's very yummy! 

After visiting Eric we walked on down to Public Market Center also known as "Pikes Market." It's such a fun and busy place. Very hectic. I love it though it's super fun to visit.

We walked around Pikes for awhile but didn't stay too long. The Mr. had never been there before so he was a tid bit overwhelmed. 

Pikes Market is well known for a few things. 1. Flying fish 2. fresh flowers 3. The Gum Wall. I absolutely love Pikes for the fresh flowers. They are every where and they smell wonderful and are so beautiful. I wish that I would have got some. Maybe next time!

Speaking of the Gum wall.. here it is.. lots and lots of gum from people. Gross! It is everywhere! But you know you need to see it and of course get your picture taken in front of it. ha ha. 

Here is an up close picture of what part of the gum wall looks like. Ewe right?! ha ha. But like I said it is interesting and everyone should go there and see it and get their picture taken in front of it.

After visiting the Gum Wall we headed on over to the giant Ferris wheel. But, on our way there I had to get a picture of my studly husband under the Post Alley sign because it reminds me so much of Harry Potter. Not really sure why but it does ha ha.

Here is the giant Ferris wheel. Although we didn't go on it which is fine by me. I went on it a few years ago and it wasn't my cup of tea. I'm not a big fan of heights and this about did me in ha ha. It is kind of pricey to do also. But I would recommend it to everyone it's a good experience. And if I can do it, you can do it!

The Ferris wheel is located out on the pier which is awesome so there is lots of shops and fun things around it like this fish. The fish goes along with a restaurant and the piers name but I can't recall what the name is. But you know we were tourist so of course we got pictures done with the giant fish. 

And of course pictures with the wonderful view! Look how beautiful it is. I love the blue water, the islands you can see and of course all the ships, faeries and sail boats. It's such a magical view.  

This is what a lot of the shops around the pier/ferris wheel look like. Old fashioned and cute. I think the pier is one of my favorite places in Washington. It is just beautiful and so much fun. There is just so much art around and color.

When walking back to our car we found James St! So of course James got his picture taken by it. 

And well that's that, our trip in a nutshell. I have left out a lot but.. this is what I got pictures of! Ha! Now it's back to real life and busy schedules.