Freebies & Bacon Tongues

I love free things! It's amazing! the other day I went to the mail box an I had a package. I thought that it was something I ordered for a Christmas present but no it was a free sample of Physicians Formula B.B make-up! Hey, I'll take free make-up any day. I don't remember signing up for this freebie, well sort of. But When I did I thought it would be a tiny sample size not a full size! But I will be enjoying this bad boy.

I found this site called RueLaLa and if you signed up you got a free $25 dollar credit. So I used mine to get some FREE well needed yoga pants. These are like my all time favorite things. I used to own two pairs but I wore them so much that they both got holes and I had to throw them away. BUMMER. But I did have them for about two years. So at least they lasted awhile. I just love the comfort of them. And I'm lazy..

I also signed James up for RueLaLa and got these beautiful plates! I'm so excited for them to show up. They are very pretty and definitely my personality. 

Max has decided that bacon dog treats are his favorite thing ever! But he has to eat them outside ha ha. (His choice not mine..) Every time I give him one it looks like he has a long tongue sticking out it's hilarious. I love this pup, he's so cute!

Well, that's that.. as you can tell I'm a freebie addict. ha. And Max is a bacon addict. Ain't nothing wrong with that though eh?

Gratitude Day 4:

I am grateful for beautiful flowers! I love having them in my garden to be able to enjoy everyday! They smell so yummy and are very pleasant to look at. I'm glad we have such beauty on this earth today.

I am also very grateful for camera's so I can capture the beauty this world has to offer. I love my camera it's like my baby and i'm so grateful I've been blessed to own one and to have such a fun hobby/talent.


Gratitude Day 3:

I am so grateful for Jesus. He is the best bigger brother ever. I'm so glad he came to this earth to make my life easier. He's an amazing person and I can't wait to one day meet him. He has done so much for me and provided me with a ton. I love Jesus. 

I'm also so grateful for delicious food that I get to enjoy everyday. Whether it's from a restaurant, grocery store or my very own garden I am eternally grateful for it.

New Kicks, Friends & Yuminess!

So my brother is pretty awesome and scored some pretty awesome deals on some new shoes for the hubs and I! And needless to say, they look super stylish and are the best of the best!
These are my new Nike watermelon work out running whatever I want to do shoes! They were only $30.00 dollars! What a steal huh!?

These are James new Nike basketball shoes. Apparently they are the best kind of basketball shoe you can get and the best part they were a steal of a deal and only $35.00 dollars!

On Sunday my sweet, sweet friend Shikira was able to stop by and visit me on her way home from her vacation. It has been YEARS since I had seen her so I was very thrilled when she was able to stop by for a visit. It was great to catch up and visit for awhile. Love this girl!

We were able to harvest our first batch of carrots! They are so yummy and cute! Yes, I said cute. I think baby carrots especially mine are cute ha ha.

We also got a TON of pea's this time. They are delicious! I absolutely love pea's and they remind me of my grandpa Pete. 

ALSO! We have grapes on the vines. This is the first year that there has ever been grapes. James grandpa was thrilled when we sent him this picture and let him know. I'm way excited to taste them once they are ready! I'm very proud of our garden and our awesome gardening skills. *BRAGGING MOMENT!*


Gratitude Day 2:

 Today I am so grateful for the beautiful temples that I am blessed with. I love the work that I am able to do there and I am so glad that I was married there and sealed for eternity with my sweetheart. This is one of the biggest things I miss since moving to Idaho. They are so gorgeous and I love them.

I am also so grateful for the beautiful landscapes that surround me! I am so blessed to have all the beauty around me. It's amazing. I love being able to wake up and look out my window and notice something beautiful everyday. God definitely knew what he was doing when he created this world.

Smokin' Hot Date

On Saturday my sweet, sweet husband took me out on a hot date! It was a nice reward for all our hard work we've been doing around the house lately. It had been awhile since we had been on a date. But it was definitely worth the wait! I had such a blast!
First James too me out to dinner at this delicious new Mexican restaurant in Pocatello. I can't remember the name, but trust me it was very good! The service wasn't that great, but that's okay. We will probably return sometime soon. James had a steak barbacoa burrito, with some rice and beans. He said it was soo yummy!

I enjoyed a glass of sprite, two beef enchiladas, some delicious rice and yummy beans! Oh and I also enjoyed some delicious chips and salsa. Yummy! With the salsa they brought out some bean dip which was heavenly. 

We had so much food that we got stuffed so of course we had leftovers.. which was great to enjoy the next day! Oh just thinking about the food my mouth is watering and I am hungry!

After dinner we went miniature golfing. It was so cool it was black-light golfing, so everything glowed in the dark. They had put a lot of detail into the miniature golf course. It was incredible.

James is very good at golfing.. he got a hole in one of the very first hole! Me.. not so much ha ha.

The golf course had three different areas. 1. A jungle theme, 2. Underwater, shark theme, 3. A dinosaur theme. It was awesome! This is also a place we will be returning to.

Here is James being a dork and petting the dino with his club. Like I said they had put SO much detail into this course. It was a blast.

And here I am being a nerd acting like I'm being attacked by a mean dinosaur ha ha. 

After mini golf we went and got some delicious ice cream! I totally spaced getting a picture of it but that's okay! James had a Snickers bar ice cream, and I had a butterfingers bar. Yummy!

It was such a fun date and I am so grateful to my husband for taking me out. He's so thoughtful and it was very cute how excited he was to do so. I love him lots!


Gratitude: Day 1

I've decided that I need to be more grateful everyday. So I decided that I'm going to try and blog everyday and keep a type of gratitude journal. So here it goes Day 1:

I am so grateful for my wonderful husband! He treats me like a princess each and everyday. I'm so glad that he's willing to do anything to make me happy. I'm very blessed to have him in my life. I couldn't ask for a better man to be in my life.  

I am also very grateful that I have such an amazing mother who is my very best friend. I love her so much and I am honored to be her little baby. I'm glad she's my best friend and I get to call her mommy. 


Journey, Utah & A Rooster.

 All of our hard work in the garden is starting to pay off! Everything is growing nicely and we have a lot that is ready to eat which is a HUGE bonus!
We've been enjoying the out pour of cherry tomatoes. We have had plenty to share! They are so juicy and fantastic tasting. I am able to pick about this many every day! Well done tomato plant eh?

Along with tomatoes and our lettuce which I blogged about awhile ago we've been able to pick our first batch of peas. Yummy. They have the best taste ever and again we have plenty to share. 

Max has been such a playful pup for the last little while! This rope he's chewing on used to be inside and one day he decided it would be much better outside. Best decision of Max's life. It's so fun to look out and see him playing with his rope. And it's nice to have a toy out there for when he wants to play with someone. 

The hubs and I went to the Journey concert on Thursday that was in Salt Lake City. James brother gave him the tickets for his birthday. It was a pretty good concert for the most part. The beginning was great the middle not so much but the end was awesome! Not to mention all the drunk people that surrounded us, now they were entertaining ha ha.

After the concert we went and spent the night at my parents. And on Friday we hung out with James family. It was pretty fun and awesome to see them again! On Saturday I hung out with my mom. We wen't to a few yardsales, Target and Kohls because where I live those two places don't exist unfortunately. While at Kohls I bought this new rug! Not only is it super cute but the price was even better! Normally $199.00 and I got it for $32.00! What a steal of a deal if I do say so myself.

Look how happy Max looks here. I went for a walk on Sunday to take a few pictures for my website/Facebook page and Sir Max made himself right at home rolling around and being as happy as can be on the grass. He's so cute and has such an awesome personality.

On Sunday we also went to a family get together for my grandpa "Pete." It was awesome to be able to see him again and catch up with him. He's the best grandpa ever. It was also good to see all the family that I don't normally see. I was even able to catch up with my sister. Which was good because she's one of my best friends. I love my family a whole lot. They all mean the world to me.

On our way home Max was just worn out from the trip so he got his favorite toy, his blanket and made himself right at home in the back seat. I love how he used his toy as his pillow. Like I said he has a personality ha ha. Shortly after this picture was taken I missed him being a pest so I asked him to come up and sit on my lap so he did and instead of doing what he normally does he laid down and cuddled with me which was a nice change. Nothing is better than a Max snuggle.

When we got home we noticed that there was a rooster in our pasture. Random because we don't own one. We weren't sure how it had gotten in there. So after I took this picture we went in there. Max barked at it and tried to chase it but that just made it mad so we got Max away from it and James went and got a stick and poked it and chased it out of the pasture. What a great ending to a wonderful trip ha ha.


Let's get physical, physical!

The title of this post might catch you off guard but, hey it has a good meaning for last week! It was filled with lots and lots of yard work (yuck!) running through the sprinklers, seeing Soda Springs, Chesterfield and ending with welcoming home some awesome people! 
This is James in our HUGE garden ha ha. Yes he is holding a machete aka a cutlass. He got that while on his mission in Africa! It's what they used to cut grass, weed and kill nasty things. At first I was unsure of him having this in our home but he has hid it far away in a safe place and needless to say last week it was very, very useful. It chopped down those weed in our garden quickly! When we got to our new home the garden was out of control and we didn't have much time to weed if we wanted to plant this year so we semi weeded and went ahead and planted.. needless to say the weeds took over more than they had already and now we are overwhelmed. We got a lot done but there is still so much to do. All I have to say is I have learned when I move again I don't want this big of a garden ha ha. Along with weeding and making our garden pretty we re-weeded our front and side flowerbeds to make them look so pretty! If you'd like a picture of what they look like and how beautiful they are just let me know, I'd be happy to share and write a post on that.

It's been super hot lately! We have a swimming pool but the cover blew off and wont stay on so it has gotten pretty dang dirty. Not only that it has a hole which we can't find so it's sort of a lost cause. But hey thank goodness someone invented the sprinkler! It was just what we needed to cool down and really enjoy summer. As you can tell we were having so much fun! This turned into a water fight though. All us girls ganged up on Seth to get him wet! But that plan backfired because he then returned with the hose to get us wet. It was a blast though and a memory that we will have for forever!

Welcome to Soda Springs! My mom had never been there at least from what she could remember so we decided to go there and snoop around town. It is such a cute little place. But what most people don't know is that Soda Springs has a geyser!

We decided we would go and check it out! It shot so high and lasted a long time. It was incredible to see. Although it did smell like rotten eggs but you know that's a okay. The nieces and nephew thought it was awesome. This geyser was cold water which was incredible because normally they are hot water. The history behind this geyser is pretty awesome also.

After Soda Springs we headed on up to Chesterfield to tour the ghost town. Chesterfield is special to James and I because that is where James family is from! The picture above is us in the Rugar Dugout which I talked about before. The kids loved touring Chesterfield and learning the history there. Also getting an old fashioned soda might of been a bonus! 

This is James mission president and his wife! They came home a few weeks ago and on Sunday they had their homecoming. It was great to meet them after hearing so many stories. As you can tell they were very excited to see James again! 

And there you have it.. the end of last week! Hopefully you can understand why I didn't blog. There was absolutely no time with all the running around and having fun!


4th of July weekend

Whew, what a BUSY week James and I just had. It was so much fun though that is for sure! My parents, brother and cute nieces and nephew came up for a week and to help us celebrate the 4th of July in our cute little town.
This is my parents and my brother waiting for the parade to start! We couldn't of picked a better spot. It was super shady and very cool which made it enjoyable to really enjoy the parade on such a hot day.

The best part about the parade was James, Max, Seth, Chloe and Nico got to be in the parade! The night before they all helped James and I decorate the Mule aka the spruced up gold cart! They had a blast doing so and I personally think they did an awesome job! They had so much fun being the parade throwing candy and blowing bubbles. They even got an otter pop at the end of the parade. Got to love small towns!

After all the fun in town from swinging on the swings, jumping up and down in the blow up castle to getting balloon swords we headed to Lava Hot Spring to enjoy the spectacular firework show. In order to get a seat we had to be there for three hours so we ordered delicious pizza, relaxed and played some games.

The fireworks were incredible! They were huge! They even had some that were made into a heart shape. The changed colors, waterfalled down in the sky. It was just amazing. And for the grand finale they had a ton of fireworks that made a waterfall down the mountain! I have never seen that before. It was AWESOME!

The next day we headed out to go float the river! It was a lot of fun and nobody got hurt. It was kind of crowded so we didn't get to go down a ton but it was totally worth it! After we floated the river we headed to the pool. Which was so much fun! 

Some people take the holidays way to seriously! Like my brother for instance. This was his holiday floating the river gear. He is such a dork but I sure do love him.

We ended the holiday weekend with us girls having a tea party. I didn't have any tea cups because they are still packed away at my moms house but next time I'm down in Utah they will be coming home with me. But HEY I think we made it work with what I did have. It was a lot of fun and brought back a lot of childhood memories. I'm glad I get to share this with them.


Idaho is fun.

Aren't these some of the coolest flowers you have ever seen? That's what I thought while Max and I went for one of our many cruisin' the town trips today. So I decided to snap a picture of them.. which apparently wasn't that good of an idea. I was greeted oh so very nicely by a friendly rattle snake. Yippee! Needless to say, I didn't know I could run that fast nor pick Max up that fast. I booked it back to the mule (which is like a spruced up golf cart) and we were on our way. I will now be "on guard" when taking pictures out here in good ol' Idaho. ha ha. I guess it does make for a better story though right?

I have always thought farm land was very beautiful but I never new how pretty and neat it really could be. I love that I live in such an amazing place where I get to watch things change daily. It is so fascinating to see all the farmers doing their jobs. There are so many different ones around here. My favorite farm work to watch though it definitely them collecting the hay! I never knew how awesome it was. It is nothing like the movies though, that is for sure! But it is simply beautiful. God did a great job when he created farm land that's for sure! What a great blessing.

I mean look how beautiful this view is! I love seeing cows, horses, chickens, sheep and goats. They all have many different personalities and are so fun to watch! You can't really tell but there are cows in this picture ha ha. I just love this view and I get to see it everyday! I'm super duper lucky. If I move out of Idaho this will for sure be a view that I will miss seeing every day. I have really taken a liking to this place.

Another thing I love about Idaho is Mr. Max. He is so stinkin' cute! I love the way he sits on my bed sometimes and just stares at me. He does this a lot while I'm blogging. Sometimes I do wish I knew what was going on in his head though.

Jame and I played Yahtzee the other day, and I totally kicked his butt! I scored 507 because I got my bonus on the top and three Yahtzee's! Which never happens. I feel pretty darn proud of myself so I decided I need to blog about it and have a bragging moment. And yes, I did add a black arrow to the picture to point out my awesome score for you all to see.