These Boots Are Made For Walking

Trust me, when I saw these boots are made for walking they sure are. They have been to some of the nastiest places and the worst part about that.. I've only owned them for three weeks. Ha ha! These are my irrigation, horse petting/riding, walking around town boots. I have stepped in a lot of horse poop but don't worry these bad boys have been cleaned! I love these boots, they are my first real pair of cowgirl boots! And you know it's only fitting to have real cowgirl boots since I live in farm country now. The best part about these bad boys though.. they are normally $90 and I got them for only $20! Yippee! I absolutely LOVE sales. If you haven't noticed yet. Ha! 

Today while walking Max we came across these beauties. So of course I did the only thing natural for me I snapped A TON of pictures. This one is one of my absolute favorites. It makes the perfect desktop background by the way. All I ask in return if you do use it please give me credit! Anyways, I love, love, love flowers they are my favorite things ever to take pictures of. They are beautiful! One of natures best features. This is how I get through Summer. NOT my favorite season ever. I can't stand heat. I'd rather be freezing my butt off then melting like the wicked witch of the west. 

Idaho is so beautiful. I love seeing all the farm land, especially right now. It's amazing and a whole new culture. The sky here for the most part is always clear and such a wonderful color of blue. And can I just say the stars are AMAZING! I love the view here it's wonderful. I feel so blessed that I have this opportunity to live here and experience such beauty. It's pretty incredible!