Farm Girl..

Today I was having one of those "eh" days.. because it didn't start out too well. My allergies have been up the wazoo lately and today they are incredibly bad. So I had planned on being in bed all day. But that was short lived ha ha. 

This here is what we call irrigation. Yup, I'm becoming a true "farm girl" ha! Anywho.. back to the story. While I was in bed being lazy and feeling sorry for myself the doorbell rang. I have no idea who it was.. some lady that lives in my town ha ha! Anywho.. she has irrigation before we get it so she came over to ask if I knew where the water came from. All I knew was up the hill. Yeah, I'm a BIG help right? She needed to know this because she wasn't getting any water into her yard. Since I didn't know luckily I knew Wiley (James' great uncle) would know and could help us.

So Wiley and I went around town in a golf cart trying to find the problem. Because you see if she's not getting water we won't be getting water. Anywho. We went around searching for awhile and finally we discovered the problem. Someone was stealing the water from her and what could of been me. So Wiley and I went for a "nature" walk through this field. Now this picture doesn't do it justice. There is sticker weeds, random sharp things, and tall grass and weeds. Needless to say I was wearing shorts and flip flops because I wasn't planning on going on an adventure ha ha. We found what's called the head gate (I think. I'm knew to all of this..) and Wiley did his thing and we fixed the problem. GO US! Mostly Wiley! ha ha. I did feel really bad though.. Wiley was leaving the gate and it fell and so he fell with it. OUCH! He got cut up pretty good. At least all I got was a bunch of scrapes. 

This is my poor foot.. not the best picture so you can't really tell but yeah it's all scraped up. HA! Little scratches hurt like a butt munch that's one thing I tell you. But hey now I'm prepared.. I need to get boots and wear long pants next time. Just in case.

On a good note. At least some of the weeds were pretty and purple! I picked one.. and put it in my pocket ha ha. That's why it's all shriveled up and looks like poo.

My favorite shoe broke today also. Such a sad day! But hey my fault this is the shoe I was wearing while I went for my "nature" walk. BOO! But, maybe I can glue it back together. ha ha!

Max was my riding buddy earlier also when I went to check and make sure that we were still getting water into the pastures. He's such a good sport and has been keeping me plenty of company lately. He's super cute! And bragging moment.. he's been cuddling with me every morning! YAY!

Since me and Max were already out we went for a little ride! So we stopped to visit some horses. This one is my friend. He let me feed him some grass. And apparently he wasn't done when I was because I drove off he followed me and then neighed loudly ha ha. Poor thing.. 

We also drove by the cute green house that I want to by. Isn't is adorable? All I know is it better still be for sale in two years. ha ha! I have fallen in love. Every time I drive by it I think if only..

After all this and my rough morning *side note* after all of this my allergies were like AH out of control.. and the allergy pill WAS NOT working one bit.* so I was feeling down and all the sudden the doorbell rang again. *Sigh* So I went to answer it and it was this darling older gentleman to introduce himself to me and he brought James and I a fresh still warm loaf of bread! It smells so yummy! It made my entire day! Needless to say God works in mysterious ways. I was so emotional not sure why but this small and sweet gesture made me cry. It is just what I needed today!

I made another printable. This one I am going to print off and frame for my home. I am totally in love with it! I love the saying and I LOVE how it turned out. If you want it you can go ahead and use it. Just click the picture to make bigger and save it. It prints best as an 8 x 10 or smaller. 

Another happy note! The hubby brought me home beautiful flowers yesterday! He's so thoughtful. His reasoning was because you need them and I haven't gave you any in awhile. I just love him. He's so cute and I'm very lucky to be his wifey!