A mouth ago I took a WONDERFUL trip to California with my family.. and I'm just now deciding to post a few pictures from the trip. (When I say a few I probably mean a lot ha!) So sit back relax and enjoy. PS. These aren't in order.. I'm WAY too lazy to put them in order ha ha.

This is the beach in Carlsbad. My family and I stayed in a house that was right on the beach. It was awesome to see this view every morning I must say.. and to be able to hear the sound of the ocean was even better. Nothing is more soothing to me than that sound. It was also awesome to be able to see the sunset every night and to be able to go swimming in the ocean and collect some seashells on the beach!

These next three pictures are from the beach in Laguna Beach. This beach is absolutely beautiful. I really wish we were able to spend more time here. Maybe next time ha ha. We stopped here on our way back home. We probably spent about two hours here. It was nice to be able to capture a lot of gorgeous pictures and have one last walk on the beach with the hubs. The water here was so clear and wonderful. I totally recommend Laguna Beach to everyone who goes to California! You will LOVE it.

This was such a beautiful day! I was so saddened it was the day we were leaving.

This place is so cool! You could totally walk through the rock.. how crazy is that? Also this is where the BEST tide pools are. So many sea animals it was pretty great.

This is the "Bird of Paradise" flower. They are EVERYWHERE in California. They are pretty much awesome. I loved seeing them all the time. I took this picture in Laguna Beach also. There were millions around the area it was great.

This was the first picture that was taken in California of James and I. It was at the food place we stopped to eat at before we could get into the house. I was starving so thank goodness for fast food ha! I was so excited and ready to be in warm weather and especially in California!

This is in Sea World. The first place we went to. It was so much fun. I love all the animals that you are to see there and how many you can actually touch. It's amazing. It was my husbands first time at Sea World so I felt like I had a small child with me. Which isn't a bad thing. I loved watching how excited he got about everything. It was a total blast!

My husband was thrilled to be able to see this house that was in the movie "Top Gun" which is one of his favorites. So of course we had to make a quick stop and get a picture. I think it might of made his entire night. ha ha. Sad news though, they might be knocking it down. Darn it. 

This picture is with Shamoo who is the whale in Sea World. He was so cute that I made sure that my husband and I got a picture with him. We were greeted with great big hugs. Which made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I wish all stuffed animals would hug you! ha!

These rocks were in LegoLand they sang songs and were so exciting to see.

This is the entrance of LegoLand. Which I wouldn't recommend going here unless you have small children. This park is definitely not for adults. But that's okay. It was worth going for the nieces and nephew.