5 Random Things About Me.

1. I really enjoy taking pictures. Not of people. (But I do take pictures of people, it's just not my favorite thing in the entire world. Ha ha!) Of landscapes and especially flowers. It clears my mind, gives me peace and a moment to sit back and relax. I also really enjoy editing them. 
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2. Lately my favorite T.V. show is Lizzie MqGUiRE. I'm still a kid at heart, I know. But, I love it. I enjoy the cheesiness of it and I really like Hilary Duff as an actress. It also cheers me up and puts me in a better mood if I've had "one of those days!" 

3. I think hamburgers are the worlds greatest invention ever. They are so delicious. I crave them often. But the hamburgers have to be from either a fast food place or a restaurant for me to really enjoy them. For some weird reason I don't like barbecued at home hamburgers as much.
 (Notice I said hamburgers not cheeseburgers.)

4. In my family my grandma's middle name is Jean, my mom's middle name is Jean, my older sister's middle name is Jean and my nieces middle name is Jean. I'm quiet jealous that I am a Lynne and not a Jean. When I was little I wanted to change my middle name to Jean.. so for awhile my family called me Chelsey Jean. I felt included. And then my niece was born and because a Jean and I was like ooohh.. dang it. But as she got older she thought I should be called Chelsey Jean too so now my adoptive middle name is Jean so I feel included again. Yippee! 

5. I have a Palm Tree named Harriet. I love it a whole lot bit. I grew it from seed to now where it's pretty big. It lives in a pot that's inside my house. It keeps getting bigger everyday and I'm so proud. It's like my baby. I do talk to my Palm Tree. I even give it hugs sometimes. 
(This isn't my Palm Tree and it doesn't look like this.. I'm just too lazy to go and take a picture of my actual Palm tree so therefore you get this picture. Enjoy!)

And there you have it.. 5 random things you now know about silly ol' me Chelsey Jean (HAHAHA!)